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     My name is Travis, and I love making videos! I picked up my first camera in 2008 and never looked back. Generating millions of views on Youtube was my starting point, and Hollywood was where I ended up because of it.  After filming a reality show with MTV, I quickly realized the entertainment industry was not for me. I deleted all of my social media profiles and stepped back from the spotlight for several years...

     I then moved back to Florida, where I enjoy working behind the scenes.  Filming and editing commercials for some of the biggest brands in the world has been an amazing experience, but now my passion is hitting the streets and loving on strangers. I just want people to know they have WORTH and PURPOSE. My goal in life is to give away as much money as possible while spreading the love of JESUS. Please partner with me and let's change the world together!
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Below are a few videos I've made that showcase some of my favorite editing styles.
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